Competition Update

•June 28, 2010 • 2 Comments

A flood of votes came in over the weekend. Here’s how they break down.

RPG – Soulfu is leaps ahead of the competition for Best Art. Freedroid currently holds the spot for Best Story/World, with Egoboo trailing not far behind. Freedroid and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup are tied for Most Innovative Gameplay, and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is eeking out a slight lead for Best Game of the Genre.

Racers- SuperTuxKart is destroying the competition with a heavy lead across all categories.

Puzzles- Neverball has gained a significant lead in Best Art, Best Story/World, and Most Innovative Gameplay. Frozen Bubble holds fast to its slim win in Best Game of the genre.

Simulation – OpenTTD is now winning in every category.

Turn-Based Strategy – Battle for Wesnoth has soared in the polls, now holding the top spot in every single category.

Multiplayer Shooter- Alien Arena is still leading in all the categories, but Tremulous has been steadily creeping up behind it.

Action and Artillery – Hedgewars is ahead in Best Art, Best Story/World, and Overall Best Game, but is facing stiff competition from Scorched 3D. Liquid Wars still holds the title for Most Innovative Gameplay.

Real Time Strategy – Kernel Panic holds the title for Most Innovative Gameplay, while 0 AD moves ahead in its domination of the Best Art category. Warzone2100 is currently winning for Best Story/World and is tied with Complete Annihilation for Best Game of the Genre.

Arcade – Armagetron Advanced is holding its territory with Best Art, Best Story/World, and Best Game of the Genre. Frets on Fire is currently taking Most Innovative Gameplay and is only a few votes behind Armagetron in the rest of the categories.

Platformers – Yo Frankie! is winning Best Art and Most Innovative Gameplay while SuperTux holds the titles for both Best Story/World and Best Game of the Genre.

If your game isn’t where you’d like it to be, toss your daily vote in here and tell your friends to do the same.


1st Day of the Race

•June 24, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Voting has begun! Click here to go to the survey and make your voice heard.

With only a few hours left in the first day of voting we’re already seeing some trends among the nominees.

The Multiplayer Shooter genre, which has the most votes of all the genres, is being swept by Alien Arena with a 50% lead in nearly every category.

UFO: Alien Invasion is just behind Battle of Wesnoth in 3/4 categories, though currently taking the Turn-Based Strategy cake for best art.

In Simulation, Open TTD and Vegastrike are tied for Best Art and Best Story, while Open TTD leads in Most Innovative Gameplay and Best Game.

Frozen Bubble is trouncing the competition in the Puzzle genre, currently winning in every category.

SuperTuxKart is pulling a similar maneuver in the Racers genre, with Speed Dream not far behind.

The RPG genre is currently the seat of the most competition. SCOURGE is claiming the Best Game of the Genre title while Soulfu stands above the others for Best Art. Egoboo is currently tied with Freedroid for Best Story/World, and also with Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup for Most Innovative Gameplay.

Hedgewars is sweeping the Action and Artillery genre, save for Most Innovative Gameplay, where Liquid Wars is steadily outpacing the others.

Real Time Strategy is a bit of a free for all at the moment. 0AD and Complete Annihilation are currently tied for Best Art, with Glest and Kernel Panic not far behind. Warzone2100 is in the lead in Best Story/World and Best Game of the Genre, but is tied with Kernel Panic for Most Innovative Gameplay.

Armagetron Advanced and Frets on Fire are duking it out in the Arcade genre, with a tight race in all for categories. Armagetron Advanced is currently ahead in Best Art, Story, and Game, while Frets on Fire maintains its hold on Most Innovative Gameplay.

Lastly, the Platformer category is the seat of a brawl between Yo Frankie! and SuperTux. Yo Frankie! is way in the lead for Best Art, but is tied wth SuperTux for Most Innovative Gameplay and Best Game of the Genre. SuperTux is holding fast onto the Best Story/World vote.

This is only the first day of voting, so if the games you support aren’t doing so hot grab your community and get them mobilized. Vote here.

And as always, if you have something you’d like to see changed drop me a line in the comment box. I get to every one of them.


•June 23, 2010 • 3 Comments

Voting has begun! Click here to go to the survey and make your voice heard.

Voting for each genre is based on the follow categories:

Best Art – The game you believe holds the best character design, scenery, and general graphic awesomeness

Best Story/World – The game which takes place in the richest, weirdest, or most impressive context

Most Innovative Gameplay – The game that showcased the most innovative gameplay; from a new way of hotkeying to a method of erupting in flames

Best Game of the Genre – The best game in its genre

If you don’t know some of the games, check out the Nominees page for a link to their site and a video of their gameplay. We encourage you to try some new games and maybe even find a new favorite.

We have 62 Nominees in 10 different genres, so please bear with the ugly surveymonkey and submit your vote.

The next round of voting will take the top finishers in each category from each genre and pit them against one another, in order to see which game is truly the best.

Pardon the timing

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Well! Thanks to a generous shout out by Ancient Goat over on his blog, we got a rush of nominations right up to the end. This is, of course, cause for celebration, as we now have 61 total nominations. However, I’ll ask for your patience as I rework the survey, the site, and find all associated resources so these new nominees are not handicapped by our rush to get to voting.

Stay tuned, voting will be up soon!

Introducing the Digital Man

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The Digital Man is a competition created to promote the craft and culture of indie video game development. Winners from every Digital Man competition will be offered placement into a digital marketplace built by WorldKi. This marketplace allows gamers to view, purchase, and play uploaded titles across multiple platforms. WorldKi seeks to empower independent developers by fostering community and increased collaboration.

The first iteration of The Digital Man will be a contest for the best open source games on the internet.

The Contest Timeline

Nominations are accepted starting 12am June 14th and close 12 pm June 23th (listed time is Central Standard Time). To nominate, simply click the Nominate link to the right and go to the nominations page. there you may submit your game choice in the comments, according to the guidelines.

Voting begins at 12pm June 23rd, and closes at 12am July 6th. To vote, visit the Voting link and select your top choice for the best games of each genre.

Winners will be announced at the end of the day July 6th. A second vote will then be held from the winners of each category to determine the best game of all.

Winning games that are compatible with our new platform will then be ported into our digital distribution system.

Subscribe to our email listing to stay updated on the contest and its results. We’ll keep you posted about our future competitions as well.

Competition Update

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We’ve collected 41 nominations for the best open source game on the web. I’ve sifted through the comments under the nominations and made a new page where you can browse the nominees and see a video of their gameplay. If you see something that grabs you, give it a shot. Nominations are still open so tell us what your favorite game is.

And don’t forget, if you want to see something else, such as links to reviews or even a font color changed, let me know in the comments. We’ll mold this competition together.