How did you choose the genres?

The games were collected and sorted into their genres based on what they called themselves on either their website or wikipedia. Some games were very difficult to categorize, and so went into the genre they fit best. While the system isn’t perfect, it does give games a better chance to enter the next round than lumping them all together, such that a Multiplayer FPS would go against a Simulator.

How am I suppose to rate Armagetron Advanced on its storyline? Or Simutrans on its “innovative gameplay?” Are you insane?!

The categories for voting were decided on in order to compare the games cross-genre. While originally we had planned to use a genre-specific rating system, we realized that in the 2nd round of voting, which determines the overall Best Art, Best Game, etc., the games would have arrived based on different judging criteria. We recognize the difficulty in picking the best “story” from a list of games that may have no story, and so we attempted to widen the net by adding “world” to the criteria. While this opens up discrepancies of its own, it is easier to select a favorite world than a favorite story when games may feature little to no plot.
In short, the criteria were selected for insuring consistency.

What is this WorldKi platform you speak of?

If you want to learn more about the WorldKi platform, checkout the website.


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