And we have a winner

I’m happy to announce the close of the first Digital Man competition. We went from 62 nominees to just over 20 finalists, and with the closing of the polls last week we have narrowed those 20 down to just 1.

Alien Arena has won the competition. Congratulations to the developers of Aliena Arena and its gaming community for their continued support. Their community mobilized an impressive voter-turn out that rivaled that of the 2008 election.

There are other games populating the finalist list which we believe have shown their strength in the open source gaming world, and we may contact them alongside Alien Arena to discuss possible porting. All those games which were nominated should be proud of their development teams and their communities.

The turnout was great, the competition intense, and the results clear; Alien Arena has conquered the Digital Man.

~ by samuelcoster on July 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “And we have a winner”

  1. woooot! this is just great!
    a great game, a great community!
    i would like to invite all to join Alien Arena!
    who’s dares to take on a challenge in a realy fast and good looking

  2. Very well deserved! This has been one of my favorite FPS games, and is without a doubt the cream of the crop when it comes to open sourced games, and it looks and plays better than alot of commercial ones too.

  3. well deserved…without a doubt the best online shooter out there
    cmon! jump in

  4. And what about OpenTTD? I expected it to be in top 3… But there’s no top 3!

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