Competition Update, July 2nd + Independence Day


RPG – Freedroid is now tied for Best Game of the Genre with SCOURGE, while still holding onto Best Story/World. Egoboo still claims Most Innovative Gameplay and, in a surprise upset, has now tied with Soulfu for Best Art.

Racers – SuperTuxKart retains its place as king of all 4 categories.

Puzzles – The nominees remain in the positions of yesterday, with Neverball claiming every category but Best Game of the Genre, which Frozen Bubble picked up.

Simulation – OpenTTD is facing some opposition from Flight Gear in Best Art, as the two are now tied. OpenTTD is claiming the other three categories.

Turn-Based Strategy – Battle for Wesnoth and UFO:AI are battling it out, but Wesnoth remains ahead in all 4 categories.

Multiplayer Shooters – Alien Arena remains in the lead in every category.

Arcade and Artillery – Hedgewars has surged back over Scorched 3D, reclaiming Best Art, Best Story/World, and Best Game of the Genre. Liquid Wars gains a lead in Most Innovative Gameplay.

Real Time Strategy – 0 AD has claimed Best Art once again. Warzone 2100 continues its lead for Best Story/World, and Spring 1944 makes its first entrance with a tie against Complete Annihilation for Most Innovative Gameplay. Best Game of the Genre is currently a three way tie between Complete Annihilation, Warzone 2100, and 0 AD.

Arcade – Frets on Fire and Armagetron Advanced are now tied for Best Art. Armagetron Advanced is retaining its lead for Best Story/World, and Frets on Fire keeps its hold on Most Innovative Gameplay and Best Game of the Genre.

Platformers – The game remains unchanged with Yo Frankie! possessing Best Art and Most Innovative Gameplay while SuperTux holds onto Best Story/World and Best Game of the Genre.

For our participants in the United States, happy 234th birthday to the country! Don’t blow off your typing fingers with firecrackers over the weekend.

Note: I am unsure why the mannequin at 1:00 is lighting fireworks as he works at a cafe.

~ by samuelcoster on July 2, 2010.

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