Voting has begun! Click here to go to the survey and make your voice heard.

Voting for each genre is based on the follow categories:

Best Art – The game you believe holds the best character design, scenery, and general graphic awesomeness

Best Story/World – The game which takes place in the richest, weirdest, or most impressive context

Most Innovative Gameplay – The game that showcased the most innovative gameplay; from a new way of hotkeying to a method of erupting in flames

Best Game of the Genre – The best game in its genre

If you don’t know some of the games, check out the Nominees page for a link to their site and a video of their gameplay. We encourage you to try some new games and maybe even find a new favorite.

We have 62 Nominees in 10 different genres, so please bear with the ugly surveymonkey and submit your vote.

The next round of voting will take the top finishers in each category from each genre and pit them against one another, in order to see which game is truly the best.

~ by samuelcoster on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Vote!”

  1. Does anybody else have the feeling that AA will win 100%? šŸ™‚

  2. BOFH is not simulation, it’s action

  3. I was curious as to where to put that one. I’ll switch it now. Thanks for the headsup qudobup.

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