Introducing the Digital Man

The Digital Man is a competition created to promote the craft and culture of indie video game development. Winners from every Digital Man competition will be offered placement into a digital marketplace built by WorldKi. This marketplace allows gamers to view, purchase, and play uploaded titles across multiple platforms. WorldKi seeks to empower independent developers by fostering community and increased collaboration.

The first iteration of The Digital Man will be a contest for the best open source games on the internet.

The Contest Timeline

Nominations are accepted starting 12am June 14th and close 12 pm June 23th (listed time is Central Standard Time). To nominate, simply click the Nominate link to the right and go to the nominations page. there you may submit your game choice in the comments, according to the guidelines.

Voting begins at 12pm June 23rd, and closes at 12am July 6th. To vote, visit the Voting link and select your top choice for the best games of each genre.

Winners will be announced at the end of the day July 6th. A second vote will then be held from the winners of each category to determine the best game of all.

Winning games that are compatible with our new platform will then be ported into our digital distribution system.

Subscribe to our email listing to stay updated on the contest and its results. We’ll keep you posted about our future competitions as well.

~ by samuelcoster on June 21, 2010.

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